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This page is currently being developed and built up by Mike Nilson as an Historical Archive for the DAC in conjunction with DAC celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year of 2008 .
Email Mike: mnilson@mcubed.ca


  • Mike Nilson Updated Historical Photos Album.

    Well, here it is.  The photo's from the DAC archives. I've been able to scan, crop and do basic colour/brightness correction.  I think I have about 600 or so photo's at the moment. I have some more to scan from 1960 and the mid 90’s.  I thought this would be a good start to review. 

    This is not the final layout! I will turn this into a proper web page for viewing.  I’m using the DAC archives as the example for all others to follow.  Please update the pictures with what you know. I look forward to your input

     ... http://picasaweb.google.com/mgnilson